Brief outline of my mental health journey…

Hi all. And welcome to my blog. I am here starting this blog for the first time.

I want to make this blog about the experiences of mental health and the journey that the majority of people with mental health face.

I want to be able to share those experiences of mental health and not make negativity my main subject of focus. I want to be able to embrace the whole idea of mental health and that it is okay to discuss it openly..

But before I make any more blog posts about the present and future, let me explain to you my journey to today. The present day.

My mental health journey began officially when I was thirteen/fourteen. But I never really properly knew until I was sixteen. Ever since I’ve lived with mental health issues. The specific mental health issues I am and have always lived with are: social anxiety, general anxiety disorder and depression.

And fast forward to today, here I am, still alive and well. Nice and healthy attending my studies.

So that’s my journey so far until today and a brief look into my past.

Thank you for reading.

I hope you all will find my posts interesting, and will happily read them all, including this one. And feel free to comment your thoughts and opinions.


My passions in life

In life, we dream, have ambitions and goals. And not forgetting the passions we have in life. Life is too short to not achieve the passions you have. Life is precious, amazing. To not have a passion for anything would mean eating dry chips with no seasoning or sauces.

Which leads to what my passions are in life. I have never had a passion in life until this year, 2018.  This year when I started blogging, things started to look up and I had something to always look forward to. I also started to do some youtube as well which gave me a new lease on life. All of this has given me renewed hope that I can achieve all of the passions I started to gain this year. This year, I started to love life a lot more and there are so many things that I want to do now or have done and want to do more of. The things I want to do, or have always wanted to do, I am now able to do it because I am earning a steady income from my job.

And I want to be able to share this new lease on life that I have and share all my passions with you all.

My personal passions:

  • Travelling
  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Meeting new people
  • Having fun
  • Being more social
  • Being mentally positive and physically positive

I love the things I have become so fond of. It is amazing how your life can turn around. From your life being so negative and feeling lonely all the time to your life being happy, more open and being more social and sharing your days at work with those closest to you. I love the positivity I’ve gained through my journey of blogging and doing youtube. When I started blogging from that day in January (28th January), I will always remember when I started and how far I’ve come.

So always believe that your life will turn around because if it can for me, then it can for you too. Always believe.

Ciao X


Top 10 Activities to do in London:​ A single set series

Hi guys,

So as you may or may not know already, I am a Londoner. I live in the big city where everyone commutes everywhere (via public transport) and driving is a nightmare. I grew up in London and I have grown close to this city as the years went by living here. London will always be my home regardless of where I go in the world.

London is a big city where a lot of things happen. This makes London a hotspot for people who are looking for things to do here. Tourist and locals alike. And I am no different in this case. Where there is a big city, there are a lot of social events and get-togethers that go on. London is the place for all that to happen.

So by now, you may have a guessed from the title and what I wrote so far, I will be writing about the top ten activities to do in London. Whether you live here or you’re just visiting.

Activities to do in London, top ten:

  • Taking a spin on the London Eye
  • Taking pictures with celebrity wax figures at Madame Tussauds
  • Take a ferry across the river Thames
  • Check out the views of London from the shard
  • See some fascinating animals at the London Zoo
  • Take a scary horror route through the London dungeons
  • Scoot down a 178metre high work of art in Stratford
  • Meet the whale at the natural history museum
  • Visit the Tate Modern and Tate Britain museums in a day
  • Visit the pelicans at St James Park in St James

So if you ever come to London or you live in London, but never done these things before. I would definitely recommend this to you all.

I hope you enjoyed this series. Thanks for reading. 🙂


My experience of finding that balance between work and blogging

Hi guys

So this post I want to write about a balance between work and blogging. I always come across tweets over on twitter about people working and blogging at the same time. And it is always about not having the time to blog so they have to pre-draft tons of blog posts together and schedule them for certain days. And I also read about how hard it is to balance work and blogging.

I never knew the meaning of all this until I started working myself. And I can truly say I understand. Working full time and blogging full time is difficult and at most challenging. It is definitely a difficult thing to do, to be able to keep up with resting, working and blogging all at the same time. And I (along with many other working people) am always trying to do as much as I can in terms of finding and scheduling a time to do what I love, writing and blogging.

Finding that balance: 

So I recently became a teacher and I teach children and kids who need extra help with their school work and studies at a tuition centre in Whitechapel. A tuition centre is a place for kids and children to attend to get the help and support they need for their studies.

I recently completed training to be a teacher and now work full time as a teacher at my workplace. I am fairly new to the working world (started working about three weeks ago) and being employed and getting paid for being employed is great. I love working at my job, it is amazing. I love working with children and kids, they are a delight to teach. I am a children’s person, so I easily get along with them.

Blogging is my favourite thing to do. I love to write and whatever is on my mind, I write. It frees me to write. Whenever I write, I feel this freedom being released from my heart. Writing is something that I feel comes naturally to me. Before I started blogging, I used to be an aspiring author on wattpad and with my university experience of doing coursework, I was able to improve my writing tremendously.

So I thought ‘why not start blogging?’ and I did. I started to blog more and spend less time on my non-published books on wattpad. So I deleted my wattpad and put my focus on blogging. Ever since I have been blogging with lots of joy and happiness.

But for me, this new balance of work and life is a struggle. I don’t know where to find that balance and not to work myself too much.

I love my job, but I also love my blogging too. How can I find that balance without working myself too much?

Thanks for reading.

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Authenticity​ – Stay yourself

So when it comes to my blog, I try to stay as authentic to myself as much as possible. Especially a lot more recently, I am trying to be authentic because I am writing more about my life. Not that I wasn’t trying before. Before it was authentic more in the sense of what my thoughts are on mental health when I just exclusively blogged about mental health.

But now I feel like it is different because I am giving something more to my readers by blogging about my favourite topics and interests such as music, movies and travelling. And I feel like that is a good thing because I am opening up a lot more and I am being more out there in a sense but not in a wild way. The blogger way. And that is a lot for someone like me because I am normally someone who is shy, quiet and reserved. So I can say that I am proud that I am doing more of that often and because of that, I have come a long way.

I even am applying my authenticity to my ‘real life’ life as well beyond the internet and blogging. It is not me saying I have never been genuine and I am not a genuine person. Because I am definitely a genuine person. But when I say this, I mean in a way that I am opening up a lot more, I don’t keep my thoughts in my head (only sometimes) as much anymore. And I am definitely being more forthcoming with what’s on my mind a lot lately too.

All this has is in the process of changing me. It hasn’t completely changed me yet because this is a process. And every process takes time. I am in the midst of becoming a better person and I feel a lot happier now. I feel so much positivity and happiness at home, at work (even though it can be draining) and also my social life just a little bit.

But I can say that as a person, I am growing, I am improving myself so I can be better mentally and physically. Not to say that there were never times where I had mini panic attacks. I did. But it doesn’t last for long and it is not as often or frequent as it used to be before. And I am glad for that.

I feel like ever since I started working, things have started to look a little more up than it was looking before. Before I starting working it was okay, but it got even better when i started working. Which is great.

I have had times where I was in my own too much, thinking a lot and also having that negative feeling. But this is reducing a lot less now that my anxiety is improving. That does not mean I don’t have anxiety at all, I still do. But it is just that I am getting better at managing my anxiety. And that in my eyes is a plus sign thst my future looks bright already.

If you reached the end, thank you for reading, it means a lot to me that you did.


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Moving on to bigger, better things – Work update

So if you are a regular reader of my blog, then you would know that I have spoken a bit about my life on here in a few different posts. Including the one where I just graduated and I was starting out in the working world. If you are a new reader and this is your first time, tuning in and visiting, welcome. You can read my other work post about starting out here.

In my other post, mentioned above, I said something about job searching throughout the summer. That is until a few weeks ago, I was recommended for a job via two friends of mine, who were kind enough to get a job for me at their workplace. I went there to do an assessment and hand in some important documents. I started my training straight away and it didn’t take me long to complete the training phase. I can now say that I am a teacher.

But being a teacher is not easy. You are always learning something new about yourself and about the kids you teach. No matter how much training you’ve had, nothing can prepare you for what is in store. And because I got the job, it does not mean I know everything. I am still learning as I am very brand new to this and I just started a week ago.

Since starting out on my job, I have already learnt a few things. Some things I’ve learnt the hard way. And it is not a pretty sight.

Let me tell you some things I’ve learnt already in a week:

  • Some kids are sensitive
  • Some kids like to misbehave
  • Some kids come into lessons with stinking attitudes
  • Some kids complain a lot
  • Some kids get too comfortable with you and think they can say or do what they want
  • Some kids are well behaved and will actually do their work

Working as a teacher is hard, but it is a rewarding job. I truly enjoy this job a lot and somewhere out there, there is a kid I might have helped, there is a kid who might have learnt something from me. And I may never know, that these kids could remember what I taught them or how I helped them in the long run.

Now that I started working, I feel a lot happier with myself, with my life. I feel like a new person and I enjoy the job that I do. Even though it can be draining sometimes. I still love it. And I am glad I got it.

So that is my update on work. And my life. I hope to write more soon. 🙂

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September goals

So lately I have been seeing a trend amongst the bloggers out there where they have been doing a monthly goals post for every new month that starts. And I thought ‘why can’t I do it?’. I remember writing a post a while back about my blogging goals in general, basically what I wanted to achieve with my blog at that time. And I am sure by now I have already achieved it.

So I thought why not give you an updated version of my goals and what I want to achieve with my blog in a ‘September goals’ post.

My goals for this month for my blog are very complex. There are a lot of things I wish to happen but can’t fit it all into this month so that should give you a slight indication that I will do a monthly update on my goals whether I achieved them or not.

Let’s start with August:

My goals for August were to reach 2.9k followers on twitter and 100 followers on my blog.  It is not a lot of goals to have and probably not ambitious enough but they are still something you look forward to achieving. And the question I should be asking myself is, ‘Have I achieved those goals from last month?’ My answer is yes and no.

I say yes and no because I achieved one of those goals and not the other one. The goal I achieved was to reach 2.9k followers on Twitter. The goal I didn’t achieve was to reach 100 followers for my blog.

Well, I guess in life you can only achieve what you can in the time frame you set for yourself. And if you achieve it in that time, well done. If not, there is always next month.

So on to the September goals:

In this month I want to be able to:

  • Achieve 150 followers for my blog
  • Achieve 3000 followers on twitter
  • Gain a new audience
  • Gain blog views that reach and go over the highest views I hit this past June (405 views, the score to beat)
  • Support other blogger’s by reading their content and leave some lovely comments behind.

My goals are pretty realistic and are fairly achievable. But with a little help from my readers, audience and followers, I am sure to be able to achieve this.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this post, give it a like. 🙂

A task I want to set for you to think about:

What are your goals for this month? Comment your thoughts below.

An open letter to my anxiety


Hi everyone,

So it has been a while since I came up with this idea. But it took me a while to come to terms with actually writing about it.

So to those of you who don’t know, I have been diagnosed with severe social anxiety and general anxiety disorder and mild depression. So I want to make this post about an open letter to my anxiety as you can tell from the title/banner above.

Dear anxiety,

You have taken up my brain, mind and most of my life since I was sixteen. It has been difficult to live and be open with people with you constantly bugging me at the back of my mind. It is hard to concentrate when I want to, it is hard to make friends or to stay friends with people without you coming in and ruining my friendships for me. 

I feel like I cannot live to my full potential with you around and it is challenging to do things especially with other people with you constantly wracking my brain and planting seeds of doubt in my head. You ruin everything from my friendships to my relationships and it is not cool. 

I wish you had didn’t have to take over my life but you have for many years. And that is because I let you take over my life. From now on, I will never let you take over my life as I am on a road to recovery and I am going to kick your butt. I will kick you so hard that you will never see daylight again.

Yes, you may feel like you need to come into my life to stir things up every now and again But it doesn’t have to be every day. I need to live my life away from you.

I hope you understand that I want a better life, I want to get better. And if that means kicking your ass, so be it. I will kick your ass anxiety.

From yours truly, 

Faiza blogs

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